Fox News Chris Wallace Grills Lanny Davis: Do You Ever Get Tired of Cleaning Up After The Clintons? (VIDEO)

How many times has Lanny appeared on cable news in the last week to defend Hillary?

Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace grilled former Clinton lawyer Lanny Davis about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email as secretary of state.

Davis, a staunch defender of the Clintons for nearly 20 years, tried to deflect Clinton’s email practices to other issues, such as former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s email practices.

“Do you really believe she did nothing wrong?” Wallace asked. "I do,” Davis said.

Wallace also attacked Davis’ attempt to shift the conversation to Bush’s emails while governor of the Sunshine State, along with Clinton’s perceived “unprecedented move” of supposedly volunteering her emails.

I’ve heard you play this Jeb Bush game before,” Wallace told Davis, who made a similar argument to MSNBC’s Tamron Hall last week. “It’s like the Republicans during Watergate saying, ‘Well, Lyndon Johnson wiretapped people, too.’ It’s completely irrelevant, and please, let’s not play that game.”