Cotton Says 'No Regrets At All' About Letter Warning Iran About Nuclear Deal (VIDEO)

Sen. Tom Cotton on Face the Nation believes we have to stand up to Iran's pursuit of regional dominance. He says they are in control of Beirut, Damascus, Baghdad and Sana'a (Yemen).

"They do all that without a nuclear weapon, imagine what they would do with a nuclear weapon"

Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton on Sunday stood behind the letter he and fellow Senate Republicans sent to Iranian leaders about their nuclear negotiations with the United States, amid criticism that it undermined Obama administration efforts.

"It's so important we communicated this message straight to Iran," the freshman senator and member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee told CBS News' "Face the Nation.” "No regrets at all."

The letter signed Monday by Cotton and 46 other GOP senators begins as a primer to Iran leaders about the Constitution. Then it suggests that any international deal to limit Iran’s uranium-enrichment efforts toward a nuclear weapon without a congressional vote could be modified by a future Congress or revoked with “the stroke of a pen” by whoever replaces President Obama in January 2017.