Colin Powell on ABC This Week: ‘I Still See’ a Dark Vein of Intolerance in the Republican Party

Alternate Headline: Phony Republican who voted for Obama twice never misses a chance to criticize the GOP.

I don't think anybody really pays any attention to anything Colin Powell says these days but here's the video--

A COMPLETE fumble by Stephanopoulos and ABC News today. They bring him on to talk about Selma, the Republican Party, and his time as Secretary of State.

10 questions Stephy could have asked Gen. Powell but didn't

1. General Powell, you supported Obama twice, looking around the world at Syria, Russia, Iraq, Libya, Iran and Yemen, would you conclude that Obama foreign policy has failed miserably?

2. General Powell, you are a supporter of Israel, what do you think of the horrible treatment Netanyahu has received from this President, who you supported twice?

3. Mr. Powell, you're a retired 4-Star General, do you have any comment about Obama not leaving a residual force in Iraq which resulted in terrorists filling the vacuum and the country going to hell?

4. Mr. Powell,  what do you think about the United States cutting deals with a regime like Iran?

5. Do you ever get tired of pretending you're a Republican?

6. General Powell, you blasted Mitt Romney in 2012 for saying Russia was America's #1 geopolitical foe, would like to look into the camera and apologize?

7. Can you name one Republican you've campaigned for, endorsed or given money to since 2008?

8. Which Democrat are you supporting in 2016?

9. Mr. Powell,  prior to coming on Sunday Shows, do you write out Obama Administration talking points or type them out?

10. Have you ever fainted during a speech given by President Obama?