Boehner: More Demand For Netanhyahu Speech Tickets Than Seats Available

10X the number of requests....

House Speaker John Boehner’s office said in a statement Monday that his office is receiving “ten times the number of requests for tickets than there are seats available in the gallery” for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to a joint meeting of Congress.

Boehner will welcome Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the Capitol on Tuesday by giving him a bust of Winston Churchill.

According to the speaker’s office, Netanyahu and Churchill are the only foreign leaders to deliver a speech to a joint meeting of Congress on three different occasions.

Although a small contingent of Democrats, including President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, will not be attending the joint meeting, demand for tickets to the gallery and other viewing locations in the Capitol is high. Such demand for tickets usually happens for events like the president’s State of the Union.

The speaker’s office stated, “Given the ties between America and Israel, it’s no surprise that interest in attending the speech is high"