NBC’s Richard Engel Rips Obama ISIS Strategy: ‘Not a Problem That Can Be Droned Away’

“ISIS is spreading like a virus and months of U.S.-led air strikes don't seem to be containing it” -ENGEL

While his fellow network news colleagues all but ignored any criticism of President Obama’s speech on Wednesday afternoon and his avoidance of using the term Islamic extremism, NBC News chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel ripped the current U.S. strategy for defeating ISIS during NBC Nightly News.

As an example of their growing strength and brutality, Engel brought up the beheading of “21 Egyptian Christians” and how “[o]ne of the executioners” was “speaking in English with an American accent.” Taking another shot at the Obama administration, Engel brought up how “the biggest advances and reportedly the worst atrocities, have come where Washington claims to be making the most progress, in Iraq, which is starting to look like a failed state.”