Megyn Kelly Grills State Dept. Spox Jen Psaki on U.S. Embassy Evacuation in Yemen (VIDEO)

KELLY: This is the 3rd country in 4 years the U.S. has had to evacuate

Megyn Kelly got heated Thursday night during an interview with State Dept spokesperson Jen Psaki over what appeared to be an abrupt evacuation of the U.S. Embassy in Yemen yesterday as Houthi rebels attempted to seize American vehicles and arms.

After reporting on the “hasty getaway” by U.S. Marines in the region, Kelly brought in Psaki to ask her what happened. “Do we have control of our policy in the Middle East?” the host asked. “And does this reflect a lack of American leadership?”

As the State Dept. spokesperson downplayed America’s role in Yemen’s current problems, Kelly continued to grill her about previous statements President Barack Obama has made, holding up that country as a positive example of progress in the Middle East.

Ultimately, Psaki denied Kelly’s suggestion that there was not a plan in place for the evacuation, saying, “Just because everybody didn’t know what the plans were, it didn’t mean the plans weren’t there for weeks.”  via Mediaite