Iowa Republican 2016 Poll By Gravis Marketing Shows Scott Walker With a Commanding Lead

A NBC Marist poll out 2 days ago had Huckabee leading in Iowa with Jeb Bush and Scott Walker close behind. This new poll by Gravis Marketing has Walker leading Rand Paul and Jeb Bush by a whopping 14 points, showing Scott Walker picking up much of the Romney vote now that he's out

Wisconsin Gov. Scott K. Walker dominates a crowded field of GOP White House contenders with 24 percent of Republicans, but former first lady Hillary R. Clinton shows general election strength head-to-head against Walker and others, according to a Feb. 12-13 Townhall/Gravis poll of 969 registered Iowa voters.

We see Scott Walker leading; he clearly took the Mitt Romney vote,” Kaplan said. “The debates the Republicans will have that start later in the year will be much more important than previous years.”

In the new poll, Sen. Rand Paul (R.-Ky.) is tied with with Bush with 10 percent of Republicans, he said.

There are still 15 percent of Republicans undecided, he said.