Barbara Bush Says She's Changed Her Mind About Another Bush in the White House

  Barbara Bush 2013: 'We've had enough Bushes'

Today: 'I've changed my mind'

Call it the first flip-flop of the 2016 presidential campaign. Barbara Bush said Friday that she no longer feels that too many Bushes have occupied the White House.

“What do you mean, ‘Too many Bushes’? I’ve changed my mind,” she said in a carefully coordinated Skype announcement at a Bonita Springs, Florida, dinner for hundreds of her son's supporters, according to The Washington Post.

“Hey mom, can I get that in writing by the way?” said the former governor of Florida, who was standing on stage.

During an interview with NBC's "Today Show" in 2013, the former first lady was asked whether Jeb Bush should run for president.

“He’s by far the most qualified man,” she said at the time. “But no. I think it’s a great country. There are a lot of great families, and it’s not just four families or whatever. There are other people out there that are very qualified. We’ve had enough Bushes.”

“He’ll get all our enemies and half our friends," she added of her son