Watch: “Dust Devil” Captured On Video At Rose Bowl, Several People Injured

PASADENA, CA — A dust devil sent items small and large flying on Wednesday morning at a pregame event the Rose Bowl stadium.

The Fanfest event, taking place outside of the stadium in a grass parking area, sent people racing away from canopies, poles, and anything else that might become uprooted by the furious winds.

Four people were treated with minor injuries.

“The power it had to … lift up those tents and the huge inflatable and toss them around, it was really amazing,” Gary Knuedson said, CEO of AdSport, who also shot the video and posted it on YouTube.

A freak event for Pasadena, it has been called a weather anomaly.

“We’re calling it a dust devil but a cold one,” said National Weather Service forecaster Ryan Kittell. “It was not a tornado. There’s no thunder clouds in the area.” (via breaking911)

Watch the video--
No rain, no clouds. But a mini 'tornado' tosses around these canopies and people just start running.