Video- Missouri Middle School Teacher Tells Student He Can’t Read the Bible During Free Time

Bible prohibited.

A 12-year-old Missouri middle-schooler was told by his teacher that reading the Bible during free time is prohibited.

Loyal Grandstaff’s father said his son’s freedoms of religion and speech were both violated. He is reaching out to the school for answers, according to WDAF-TV.

The boy told the news station:

I like to read my Bible because it’s a good book. I was just reading, just reading because I had free time. A time to do what I wanted to, so I just broke it out and read.

Loyal said he wanted to read the Bible during free time because he feels encouraged by it. He stated that he wasn’t reading aloud or sharing the book with any other classmates when his teacher approached and told him to put it away.

Watch the video via truthrevolt
Boy tells local news that he wasn't reading out loud and wasn't sharing the bible with anybody.