VIDEO: ABC News Thrilled Over Good Poll Numbers for President Obama, Downplayed Past Polls

ABC News: Economy driving Obama's approval to 50%

When O was at 39% back in October, you couldn't find that report anywhere from the lib media

Good Morning America journalists on Monday eagerly promoted good news for Barack Obama. Co-host George Stephanopoulos hyped an ABC News/Washington Post survey "showing the President going to a pretty high approval ratings, going up to 50 percent, the highest he's had in 18 months."

Jon Karl enthused, "With unemployment down, gas prices lower, Americans feel better about the economy. You know, just three months ago only 27 percent in our poll said that the economy was either excellent or good." He added, "That is the highest level of the Obama presidency." When the news wasn't so rosy for Obama, ABC reporters routinely ignored their own polls.