Scott Walker's First Ad (Video)

The first ad making the case for Scott Walker for president, from his newly formed committee called "Our American Revival"

Watch the video here---

"America stands on the brink," says the voiceover. "At a time and place in our history where failed leaders preside over a nation adrift. With family incomes in steady decline. Dreams stifled. A foreign policy that apologizes for America and projects weakness abroad."

At this moment, a still picture of Hillary Clinton comes on screen, and the voiceover continues. "American can't stop this by looking to the past or for answers in Washinton, D.C."

The committee then makes the case for someone from outside Washington, who's been responsible for bold and fresh ideas--that is, Scott Walker. Touting, in particular, these ideas: "conservative reform," "new ideas," "empower people," "eliminate deficits," reduce government," "cut taxes," and "create jobs." (weeklystandard)