Rush: Success of 'American Sniper' An Extension of the November Elections

RUSH: One of the points I was gonna make about American Sniper...Near $200 million in two weeks. It's blowing everything out of the water. So the left is coming along with reactions like, "Well, that's just America celebrating a psychopath murderer. There's nothing heroic about a psychopath murderer and so forth," and I'll tell you what it is, folks. I think the success of American Sniper, there's a whole lot of things rolled into it. I think people are going to this movie in the same way they showed up to vote in November, and I think the box office for American Sniper is an extension of the November elections.

I think it is the American people continuing to express two things: Their utter outrage at what is happening in Washington and the inattention Washington is paying to the health and the goodness of the country. And the second thing that they are doing is enforcing what they believe to be good old traditional American values"

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