Petition Calls For White House to Award Chris Kyle the Medal Of Honor For Ultimate Sacrifice

This was mentioned on the Glenn Beck radio program this morning.

WH Petition:

"We the People respectfully request the White House to start the process to Award Chris Kyle the Medal of Honor. As a Veteran who served in two major wars I owe my life to not only my fellow Men and women in the military but also Kyle. Chris Kyle's devotion for our country to lay down his life for our freedoms resonates with a lot of us especially our Veterans.

 I did not know Chris or his family but his story is the same as my story and so many of our Veterans who have struggled or are still struggling with the lost of our brothers and sisters in arms as well as the hardships of being away from our families. His last mission was to be with his family while helping our Veterans heal the wounds outside and inside. Let's honor him with our nations highest honor for his sacrifice and his family"

Petition here---