Pelosi: With Hillary Clinton As the Nominee, Dems Can Win Back the House

Good luck with that. Right now, Republicans control 247 seats in the House to the Democrats 188

Rep. Nancy Pelosi says Democrats can recapture control of the House in 2016 by riding Hillary Clinton’s coattails.
“Yes, we can win the House,” the California Democrat said during a sit-down interview in her Capitol office.

“If she runs, she will win the nomination. And if she’s our nominee, she clearly — I mean, the campaign, the joint effort — would be one that could not only take her into office but would [pull Democrats to victory],” Pelosi said.

“There’s opportunity, all kinds of statistics now about if the Democrats have a presidential candidate who … wins by 52%— that’s over 20 [House] seats,” Pelosi added. “And so 53% is a victory [for House Democrats].”
The minority leader acknowledged the headwinds facing House Democrats, who would need to pick up a whopping 30 seats to win the chamber, and she emphasized that the party’s presidential nominee is a long way from being decided.

Bold predictions are nothing new for Pelosi, who, among many other duties, has a responsibility to appear unwavering about the party’s election odds in order not to dissuade donors