Ohio Man Arrested for Alleged ISIS-Inspired Plot on US Capitol -FBI

 Man supported "Jihad" against the United States, planned to detonate bombs at the Capitol building

ABC News

The FBI has arrested an Ohio man for allegedly plotting an ISIS-inspired attack on the U.S. Capitol, where he hoped to set off a series of bombs aimed at lawmakers, whom he allegedly considered enemies.

Christopher Lee Cornell, of Cincinnati, was arrested today on charges of attempting to kill a U.S. government official, authorities said.

According to government documents, he allegedly planned to detonate pipe bombs at the national landmark and open fire on any employees and officials fleeing after the explosions.

The FBI first noticed Cornell several months ago after an informant notified the agency that Cornell was allegedly voicing support for violent “jihad” on Twitter accounts under the alias “Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah,” according to charging documents. In addition, Cornell allegedly posted statements, videos and other content expressing support for ISIS -- the brutal terrorist group also known as ISIL -- that is wreaking havoc in Iraq and Syria.


Flashback: FBI, Homeland Security Warn Police About Lone-Wolf Attacks

According to several reports, including one in the Wall Street Journal, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI issued the warning Tuesday hours after American and coalition forces pounded militant targets in the Middle East.

The warning, according to the Wall Street Journal, pertains to homegrown extremists who have sympathy for the Islamic State and other terror groups.

Last week, it was reported that Islamic State supporters were advocating lone-wolf attacks in New York City's Times Square, along with tourist areas in Las Vegas and Texas, using homemade bombs. One online post included a how-to guide on making a bomb with household items.

New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton told the New York Post he is "quite concerned" about the terror group's capabilities.