NEW VIDEO Surfaces of Paris Gunmen Escape After Massacre at French Newspaper

Chilling new video has emerged showing the masked terrorists basking in their mass murder at the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris.

“We have avenged the Prophet Muhammad!” one of the masked Kouachi brothers yells three times while standing in the street.

The disturbing clip shows Cherif and Said Kouachi, masked and dressed all in black, calmly check and swap semiautomatic rifles before getting into a black car. One holds his index finger skyward as he revels in the slayings.

The duo is shown in the video, obtained by Sky News, driving off before encountering a police car. The pair hops out of the car and exchanges fire with the police officer, who quickly reverses away as the terrorists keep firing. The gunmen jump back in the car, then drive on towards the police car, continually shooting out the window at the officer as they drive off.

WATCH THE VIDEO--- Taken from a rooftop