Incredible Video: 21 Holocaust Survivors Return to Auschwitz 70 Years After It Was Liberated

On the eve of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, a group of 21 Holocaust survivors from the U.S. return to the place where 1/3 of a million Jews were killed in just 8 weeks.   

The 21 stand under the entrance to Auschwitz-
'Work makes you free'

Some of them break down. Many of them lost their entire families.

NBC's Chief Global Correspondent Bill Neely went with the group yesterday. Neely says at the height of the extermination, 10,000 a day were slaughtered at Auschwitz, one-third of a million people total. Most of them killed within one hour of arriving on the train.

Must-see video--
70 years later, it still seem like yesterday to these survivors