Hollywood Lib Ashley Judd on Hillary Clinton: She's The 'Most Overqualified Candidate Since Thomas Jefferson'

Watching this short clip, it would have been great if Larry King had said, "Hey Ashley, can you name for us a few of Hillary Clinton's accomplishments as Secretary of State? My guess is that would have been met with silence.

Here's the video-- Hillary the most "overqualified" since Thomas Jefferson or George Washington

newsbusters reported:
 Left-wing actress Ashley Judd likened Hillary Clinton to two Founding Fathers during a Friday interview with Larry King for online channel Ora.

Judd gushed, "Obviously, I love Hillary Rodham Clinton," and hyped that Mrs. Clinton "might be the most overqualified candidate we've had since – you know, Thomas Jefferson or George Washington." The feminist activist sang the praises of the former secretary of state during the interview with the former CNN host