Golden State Warriors Player Breaks NBA Record By Scoring 37 Points in One Quarter (Video)

  On Friday night, basketball history was made. Klay Thompson led the Golden State Warriors to victory against the Sacramento Kings Friday night single-handedly by scoring a record-breaking number of points: 37 in one quarter.

That’s more than any NBA player has ever scored in a single quarter.

As SBNation’s Seth Rosenthal put it, “This may honestly be the densest hot streak in the history of professional basketball. It was like watching an atom split on the hardwood.”

“He can’t miss!” one announcer exclaims after Thompson sinks his umpteenth 3-point shot, while the other says, “I’ve never seen a shooting display like this.”

The previous NBA single-quarter scoring record was 33, scored by George Gervin in 1978. (via  theblaze

Watch it here-- This is incredible. Crowd goes crazy