Elizabeth Warren on 2016 Run: "No"

"I am not running for President"


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) responded simply "No" when asked in an interview if she is going to run for president—in the future tense—taking a step further in her denials.

Warren has long denied that she is running for president, but the liberal groups urging her to run have focused on her present tense phrasing of "I am not running for president," as possibly leaving the door open to deciding to run later on.

But in an interview in Fortune published Tuesday, Warren is asked, "Are you going to run for president?"  Her response is one word: "No."

Warren's populist economic message and focus on income inequality has led liberal groups such as MoveOn and Democracy for America to launch a campaign, which has gathered over 200,000 signatures, calling on her to run, in what would likely be a challenge to Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Warren can still shape the presidential race as a liberal champion in the Senate.

"They need to speak to America’s families about the economic crisis in this country," Warren said of the eventual Democratic nominee. "It starts with the recognition that Washington works for the rich and powerful and not for America’s families. From there, it has to go into what changes we need to make, and that gets back to education, infrastructure, and research."