Chris Christie Caught on Video Cheering on Dallas Cowboys With Jerry Jones in Owner's Box

CNN's John King and Jonathan Martin react to the video--

I don't have any problem with Christie hugging Jerry Jones after a touchdown, I just have a problem with him hugging President Obama 3 days before an election

CBS Sports
Chris Christie, despite ruling over a mass of land in the northeast, is a Cowboys fan. And he must be Jerry Jones' good-luck charm, because Jones has had him in the owners box at AT&T Stadium a lot recently.

He was there to celebrate the Cowboys playoff victory over the Lions on Sunday night and sweet mercy did he and Jerry and Stephen Jones engage in some ridiculously awkward celebration after the Cowboys clinched the game on a DeMarcus Lawrence redemption fumble recovery.

Really rich white guys celebrating stuff is never not funny. Bonus points to Christie for wearing the same outfit as Fat Albert.