"That's Hogwash": Pat Robertson Responds To Obama Saying Muslim Innovators Helped Lay The Railroad and Build Some of Our Highest Skyscrapers [Video]

(Photo AP) Obama celebrated the Muslim holy month of Ramadan with an Iftar dinner at the WH Thursday night, he quoted from the Koran and praised Muslim immigrants for helping build the nation

President Obama-
  • Islam has contributed to the character of our country
  • Muslim Americans have helped to build our nation
  • Muslim immigrants - farmers and factory workers, helping to lay the railroads and build our cities.
  • Muslim innovators helped build some of our highest skyscrapers
  • Muslims helped to unlock the secrets of our universe

Pat Robertson: "I wish they would tell me which of those innovators that have helped lay the railroads and lay the foundation for America who are Muslim. They certainly aren't recorded in any history books I've seen"...

It's "hogwash"

Video via CBN