Wayne Allyn Root on the Bill Cunningham Show: 'I Personally Know 15 People Who Wrote Out Big Checks to Mitt Romney and Within 90 Days Got IRS Audit Notices' [Audio]

This is a must-listen. Wayne Allyn Root, classmate of Obama at Columbia talks to Bill Cunningham on his Sunday Night national program. He tells the story of how he was recently audited twice and gives details of how he believes  it came directly from the top, the WH.  Root,  like a lot of others who have been critical of Obama, especially on a national level, have been targeted no doubt deliberately for political reasons by this administration.

He discusses with Bill how an IRS agent called him on the phone and says the agent knew exactly who he was and that he guest hosted a radio show.

Root then drops another bombshell, telling Cunningham that he personally knows of at least 15 people who wrote big checks to Romney in election 2012 and were audited within 90 days