Moustafa: "They Call Me Popeye"

Moustafa Ismail of Massachusetts has set the world record for the largest biceps in the world, 31 inches. I have never seen anything like this. Watch.

Moustafa Ismail's eye-popping biceps and triceps are a result of a punishing workout regime that began after a guest at his uncle's wedding mocked his overweight frame in his native Egypt.

More than a decade later, the 24-year-old bodybuilder says he was surprised by recognition in the 2013 edition of the Guinness World Records as owner of the largest upper-arm muscles on earth.

"They call me Popeye, the Egyptian Popeye," an amused Ismail said of the media reaction after the announcement in September. But unlike the cartoon character, he says he "hates spinach and loves chicken".

Poultry, seafood and shakes provide nearly seven pounds of protein he needs every day to nourish the massive muscles, Ismail said while working out at the gym in the Boston suburb of Milford.

About nine pounds of carbohydrates, at least three gallons of water as well as various mineral and vitamin supplements account for the remaining sources of sustenance, he says.