Thieves Ride Motorcycles into Mall For Smash and Grab At Jewelry Store

In the middle of the day with shoppers there

(ABC News ) Six men armed with axes and bats drove through a London shopping mall on motorcycles and raided a jewelry store in a robbery reminiscent of a Hollywood movie, officials said.

Police are looking for the men, who were dressed in black and wearing crash helmets and visors to conceal their identities, after they raced through the Brent Cross shopping center Tuesday morning.

The three motorbikes pulled up in front of a Fraser Hart jewelry store when three of the men jumped off the back of the bikes and raided the store of valuable jewels. They nabbed Cartiers, Rolexes and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of watches, according to police.

Shoppers watched in horror from a distance as the remaining three men waited outside the store with the motorcycles. The scene was reminiscent of the crime thriller “The Italian Job.”