Police: Woman Said She Didn't Want Her 6-Year-Old Daughter, Abandoned Her At Sam's Club (Video)

LOUISVILLE, A Jeffersontown mother is facing criminal charges after police say she abandoned her six-year-old child at a Sam’s Club store.

“It was the most heart wrenching thing we could think of because we were all standing there in disbelief. Is this really happening? Is she really trying to leave her child?” said witness Debbie Harbsmeier.

Police say Fengshan Huang was trying to do just that at a busy Sam's Club off Blankenbaker Parkway. “She was kind of pointing and gesturing and walking towards this woman. So to all of us in line clearly this woman was her mother. She was trying to go after her and the mother, with the cart, it was as if she had blinders on like she was a horse at Churchill,” Harbsmeier said.

Employees of Sam's Club took the child and tried to reunite the pair.

Witnesses say an employee came out of the Sam’s Club still holding the child. They repeatedly tried to get the woman’s attention but she kept saying "I don’t want the child anymore."