Egypt's Morsi Says Sweeping Powers are Only Temporary

Right. He'll be handing back all this power shortly.

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi said on Sunday that the sweeping new powers he has assumed are only temporary and called for dialogue to find common political ground, as he faces a showdown with judges over the path to a new constitution.

"The presidency reiterates the temporary nature of the said measures, which are not meant to concentrate power, but... to devolve it to a democratically elected parliament... as well as preserving the impartiality of the judiciary and to avoid politicizing it," a statement from Morsi's office said, according to AFP

Under a constitutional declaration on Thursday, Morsi can issue "any decision or measure to protect the revolution," which are final and not subject to appeal.

The announcement touched off a showdown with the judges and sparked charges by the opposition that Morsi was taking on dictatorial powers.

The latest statement reaffirmed what was said on Thursday, that the measures would apply only until a new constitution is adopted and elections held.

It said it had been "deemed necessary in order to hold accountable those responsible for the corruption as well as the other crimes during the previous regime and during the transitional period," AFP reported.

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