Romney Takes The Lead in Pennsylvania 42%-37%

Will Santorum exit the race if it looks like he's gonna lose PA? This is a new PPP poll out tonight just after 11:00p.m. showing Romney picking up 17 points from the last survey and taking the lead in Pennsylvania by 5 points,

Mitt Romney's taken the lead in PPP's newest poll of Rick Santorum's home state of Pennsylvania.

Romney has 42% to 37% for Santorum with Ron Paul at 9% and Newt Gingrich at 6%. The numbers represent a dramatic turnaround from when PPP polled the state a month ago. Romney's gained 17 points, going from 25% to 42%. Meanwhile Santorum's dropped 6 points from 43% to 37%, for an overall swing of 23 points in the last four weeks.

Pennsylvania Republicans are expressing major doubts about Santorum's viability both in the primary and the general election. Only 36% of GOP voters think Santorum has a realistic chance at the nomination to 54% who believe he does not.

And when it comes to matching up against Barack Obama in the fall only 24% of Republicans think Santorum would provide their best chance for a victory while 49% think that designation belongs to Romney.

Santorum's favorability numbers haven't really changed from a month ago. He was at 64/30 and now he's at 62/31. But Romney's seen quite a bit of improvement in his image, perhaps reflecting growing acceptance that he will be the nominee. His favorability has improved a net 16 points from +6 (46/40) to +22 (57/35).

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Defeat Obama (Pennsylvania). This is an enormous gap here.