Obama New Campaign Pitch: "Forward" (Video)

Team Obama releases new seven minute video where they try to convince everybody that this administration has actually been a success. The video asks Americans to 'keep moving forward.'

In 2008, the Obama campaign was arguing for hope and change. This year, the president's re-election campaign is asking Americans to move keep moving forward. President Obama's re-election campaign on Monday released a seven-minute video entitled "Forward," which they're using to kick off the general election.

 The video reminds viewers of the dire state of the economy in early 2009, when Mr. Obama took office, and all that the president has accomplished since then -- even in the face of Republican obstruction
Over images of everyday Americans, the video goes through a laundry list of things accomplished on Mr. Obama's watch -- the up to 4.2 million jobs saved by the stimulus, the end of Don't Ask Don't Tell, the end of the Iraq war, Wall Street reform, credit card reform, the auto bailout and more. Over a picture of Mr. Obama, a narrator says, "Hard work, determination, real results."

The video then castigates Republican for their opposition to the president's agenda. "Instead of working together to lift America up, Republicans were waging a campaign to tear the president down," the narrator says as the video shows images of congressional Republicans. The campaign will play the video during Mr. Obama's first official campaign rallies Saturday in Ohio and Virginia.
What's a Obama ad without a subtle attack on Bush?