Liberal Radio Hosts Lament a New Heart Was Given to 'Mass Murderer' Dick Cheney

No surprise: It's Mike Malloy and Randi Rhodes.

Former vice president Dick Cheney had the audacity to speak against President Obama at a Wyoming GOP convention, saying "he has been an unmitigated disaster for the country." This caused several liberal radio hosts to wish he’d never received a heart transplant. Randi Rhodes said “It just kills me that somebody died and gave this man a chance at a heart!”

Mike Malloy called him a mass murderer. “I don't understand the theory behind giving a heart to someone who is slowly dying because he doesn't have one anymore, and yet that same person is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths -- innocent people, men, women, children, who did nothing but stand in the way of Dick Cheney's greed and desire to kill as many people as he could,” he declared. “A mass murderer by any definition.”

Malloy thought everyone should agree with him: “I don't give a damn where you fall on the political spectrum, you know and I know especially you phony-ass right wingers -- you know what Cheney and Bush did! What they did with the invasion of Iraq! So this mass killer -- this murderer -- takes somebody's heart. I don't know, I guess eventually there's justice where it concerns Dick Cheney though how in the hell is it ever going to be served?”
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