"Hire More Females" Reid Responds To Reporter Who Asks About New Allegations of Inappropriate Behavior By The Secret Service

Very serious new allegations involving the Secret Service and Harry Reid basically gives a smart a** response to a reporter asking a legitimate question. Take a look at Harry Reid's response to this reporter


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Thursday had a terse response when asked what should be done if the solicitation of prostitutes is a recurring problem at the Secret Service: "Hire more females."

Nearly two weeks after news broke of the Colombian prostitution scandal involving a dozen Secret Service agents, CBS affiliate KIRO-TV in Seattle reports that Secret Service agents may have solicited prostitutes in El Salvador last year ahead of a presidential trip there.
Secret Service officers have told congressional investigators they are looking into the KIRO report. "This certainly does not mean that there is any validity to [the report], just that they are looking into all allegations," House Homeland Security Committee Chair Peter King, R-N.Y., said.

Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas has requested another briefing with Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan in light of the report.
House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi today said she wasn't familiar with the latest developments, but she defended Sullivan, saying she has "great respect" for his leadership