Gretchen Carlson On Obama’s Late Night Appearance: ‘I Think It’s Nutso,’ ‘Lowers Status Of The Office’

“Right now,” said Carlson, “a bunch of former presidents are, like, ‘Huh? That’s what we do now when we’re president of the United States?’ “When you want the kids,” said Doocy, referring to the President’s recent focus on student loan debt and other issues facing young voters. Both he and Kilmeade actually seemed to have found the clip rather funny.

“I don’t care,” said Carlon. “I think it’s nutso.” ...“I think it’s very effective for President Obama,” she later added. “I personally do not agree with the highest office of the land, the most important figure in the world going on these comedy shows. I think it lowers the status of the office." I agree with Carlson here.