Bill Clinton: Obama Will Win Handily in November (Video)

Bill Clinton, on ABC News Good Morning America believes most Americans on election day will conclude we've begun to dig ourselves out of the financial hole we were in and reelect Obama handily. This is the same guy who said of Obama in 2010, 'A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee.' Here's his interview with Jake Tapper where he is asked about the 2012 race.
ABC News' Jake Tapper sat down exclusively with the former President to discuss the marked achievements of the collegiate arm of his CGI network, as well as the current political climate of this election year.

Looking at what has already been a tumultuous GOP primary season, President Clinton expressed doubt that candidate Mitt Romney could overcome his latest unfavorable ratings … a similar scenario Clinton himself faced when he ran in 1992.

"He's gotta convince the swing voters that he'll be moderate enough and open enough and inclusive enough to be an effective president, and effective on the economy," Clinton said about Romney. " And hope that the Republican base voters say, 'Well, okay, so he maybe wasn't as right-wing as he claimed to be in the primary. Still more conservative than President Obama. I guess I'll vote for him anyway and I won't stay home

Bill Clinton told ABC News that President Obama will be re-elected.

“I think that he’s gonna win handily, and I have for a long time,” Clinton told ABC News in an exclusive interview. “I actually have since the 2010 elections. Which made me sad, but…what the right-wing says always sounds better when they’re sayin’ it than when they’re doin’ it. So I thought after the 2010 elections, they basically assured his reelection

My how times change
Bill Clinton 1992
Unemployment rate 7.4% under George H.W. Bush
"Worst economy in the last 50 years"

Bill Clinton 2012
Unemployment rate over 8% for 36 of Obama's 37 months in office
'American people see that we're digging out of the hole'