3 More Secret Service Agents Lose Jobs Following Sex Scandal

Obama: Ah, just a bunch of "knuckleheads"

CBS News has learned through sources the five remaining Secret Service agents involved in the Colombian sex scandal will be dealt with. Chief White House correspondent Norah O'Donnell reported Tuesday that two agents resigned; two were cleared of serious wrongdoing; and one was fired. Overall, of the 12 Secret Service agents involved in the scandal:
6 have resigned 2 are being fired 3 have been cleared of serious wrongdoing 1 has retired
O'Donnell added that all the men had been questioned and offered lied detector tests following reports that at least one agent had brought a prostitute back to his hotel room in Cartegna, Colombia.  
The dozen Secret Service personnel and another 12 military enlistees preparing for President Obama's visit to Cartagena, are being investigated for cavorting with prostitutes. 
The Defense Department has suspended the security clearances of all the military personnel involved and is conducting its own investigation. As many as 20 prostitutes were involved with the group, officials say; None are believed to be underage. Meanwhile, Obama defended the Secret Service on Tuesday, saying the employees at the center of the prostitution scandal were "knuckleheads" not representative of the agency that protects his family in the glare of public life.
Obama on the Jimmy Fallon show to be aired later tonight: