Man Destroys Neighbor's House With Bobcat After Accusing Them of Selling Drugs [Video]

Reporter: Did you do this? Neighbor: "I sure did"

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White County man is facing felony charges after partially demolishing his neighbor's home with his Bobcat tractor.

Lisa Young's house will have to be demolished. Just about every room has a gaping hole in it. She shows us debris blocking access from the hallway to the kitchen - which now has no exterior wall.

"We had to move all this over, before we could even get in it," Young says.

Last week, Young had gone to run an errand. Her 1 and 3-year-old sons were in the house with her brother. They say that suddenly the walls came crashing down. Lisa's brother ran outside and saw the neighbor on his Bobcat, tearing the house down while holding a gun.

Lewis talked to Channel 4's Nancy Amons, and when asked if he did it, Lewis told Amons, "I sure did."

He went on the say the family was selling drugs. The family denies his allegation.
The allegations concerning the Bobcat are under investigation by the White County Sheriff's Department.

"He's made several complaints that there may be illegal activity going on there," Isom said. Lewis' son is a sergeant with the sheriff's department, but the department said Lewis will be prosecuted like anyone else.