David Axelrod: Newt's $2.50 A Gallon For Gas? "That's Not Oil Talk, That's Snake Oil Talk"

Obama robot David Axelrod takes a swipe at both Gingrich and Romney on FTN.

The president's top campaign adviser, David Axelrod, charged Republican presidential candidates and Republicans in Congress with making false promises about how to reduce the cost of gas.

On CBS News' "Face the Nation," Axelrod specifically attacked Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney for saying he would fire three cabinet officials charged with energy production: Energy Secretary Steven Chu, Environmental Protection Agency head Lisa Jackson, and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar

Axelrod said Romney is making false promises to voters. "Mr. Romney will pander, and the poor American consumer will be left in the same position," he told host Bob Schieffer. "So we need to keep going forward with an 'all of the above' strategy on energy."

Axelrod also criticized "the notion that we can simply drill our way out of this" by attacking Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich's claim that his plan would reduce gas prices to $2.50 cents per gallon. "That's not oil talk, but snake oil talk," Axelrod said