Man Found Dead at Occupy Denton Encampment

Denton, Texas

A man was found dead in a tent at a vacant Occupy Denton campsite on UNT campus at about 5 p.m .Saturday.

According to UNT spokesman Buddy Price, the man was believed to be an Occupy Denton participant, and the cause and time of death were unknown at this time. He said no one was at the camp when police arrived on the scene.

Denton police said the man was 23 years old, and members of Occupy Denton said he was not a student at UNT

Occupy Denton members held an emergency meeting inside the General Academic Building at 7 p.m., and said they planned to release statement late Saturday night.

The body was taken from the tent by a Denton County coroner around 8:30 p.m., and the site was blocked off with police tape for most of Saturday evening.

“This is a friend of ours who had found a family here,” said Garrett Graham, an organizer with Occupy Denton. “We’re dealing with it like a family
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