Bill Bennett: I Don't Think Newt Can Beat Barack Obama, I Wish Romney Had a Better Conservative Record But I Think Right Now He's a Better Candidate

Bennett tells Hannity that if Newt is the nominee, it will be about him and not about Barack Obama. He does not endorse Romney but says he is the most likely to defeat Obama in a general. Bennett and Sean also discuss Ron Paul and Bill says he could win Iowa because of organization saying he could "slip in with 22 or 23 percent." Bennett worries Ron Paul "could get the big head" if he wins Iowa and run 3rd party later on in the race, handing Obama reelection.

The graphic at the beginning of the above video had Ron Paul leading Gingrich, he is actually trailing in Iowa by one percentage point. Here is a screen grab.

I don't know why it was changed, here is the same (correct) graphic earlier in the day from Cavuto's show at 4:00 p.m.

**UPDATE** The Hannity replay at midnight had the correct numbers