Herman Cain Interview on the Michael Savage Show (Audio)

From the second hour of the Michael Savage Show 11/11/11. This is new audio

Herman Cain starts out by calling Savage "a great friend." Cain is asked what programs would he cut, the other candidates in the race, the United Nations and what he would do as president. Savage jokes at the end saying he would be willing to be Cain's press secretary for one day only. Herman Cain also says in this interview that (as of right now) he could not be the V.P for Mitt Romney. Here's the audio

**Update** There was buzz prior to the interview that there may be a major announcement during the Michael Savage interview. There was not. And most of the headlines about 'Cain will not be Mitt Romney's VP' was not the announcement, it came in response to a random question from host Michael Savage to Herman Cain