Breaking: Huckabee's Decision For 2012? He Will Not Be a Candidate For the GOP Nomination

Mike Huckabee announced on his show tonight on Fox News that he will not be a candidate for the Republican nomination in 2012.

He opened his show with a segment on Osama Bin Laden and Mitt Romney. He later talked about the flooding in Mississippi, Louisiana and the mid-west and the economic impact with a few guests. Huckabee had Mario Lopez on as a guest later in the show talking healthy cooking. Ted Nugent talked Osama Bin Laden and played 'Cat Scratch Fever' before Huckabee's announcement at the end of the show.

Huckabee said in an email earlier in the day that "Once I pull the trigger Saturday Night, things will get even crazier, as if that’s possible"

Yesterday, The WSJ reported that Ed Rollins who directed Huckabee's 2008 campaign and has been organizing his 2012 campaign-in-waiting, said he had not been consulted, saying “I’ve heard nothing, which indicates to me he’s not running,”