Former Surgeon General C. Everett Coop Warns About the Health Care Bill Before Congress in New Ad

93 year old C. Everett Coop

"The Administration promised transparent deliberation"
Koop: "I'm 93, and thank God for every year, I'm here with 2 artificial joints, 2 pacemakers to keep my heart in rhythm as well as a stent to keep my coronaries open, seniors in this country can get the same care I receive, but in some countries, like the United Kingdom we would be considered too old and the cost to the state too high, it is vital that seniors understand what congress is doing, but Democrats are working on a health care bill and keeping the discussion and specifics secret.

We seniors are concerned about proposals that would reduce Medicare spending, the Administration promised transparent deliberation which has not been forthcoming, America deserves better than this"
C. Evertt Coop served as thirteenth Surgeon General of the United States under President Ronald Reagan from 1982 to 1989

Average Federal Deficit as a Percentage of GDP by Administration

Obama: The man who was gonna get our fiscal house in order

Federal Deficit as a Percentage of GDP, Barack Obama -7.3%
Since the 1960s, deficits driven largely by increased levels of spending have been the norm, while surpluses were an exception. The 2009 Congressional Budget Office deficit projection under President Obama's plan is far above the 45-year historical average of 2.2 percent of GDPGross domestic product is the total value of goods and services produced in the United States..
Here's candidate Obama in 2008 blasting Bush for enormous deficits

Salon's Joan Walsh on CNN Says Chris Matthews "Roots" For Obama

Joan Walsh also 'roots' for Obama...

KURTZ: Joan Walsh, I've got less than a minute. Your reaction to those words?

JOAN WALSH SALON: There's no such thing as post-racial, and so I disagree with Chris about that. But on the other hand, I think his heart really is in the right place in terms of -- you know, he roots for this president. Like that or not, people criticize him for that. But, you know, he was trying to say something positive on...

KURTZ: He definitely was trying to say something positive.But did he put it rather clumsily, would you say, David Frum?
WALSH: I would say it was clumsy, yes.

DAVID FRUM: I think the meaning of it so leaps out at people, it almost defies comment. You just wonder what happens all the other hours of his life.

Foxnews Panel: Chris Wallace Enters The Debate on Abdulmutallab

Juan Willams vs. everybody else..

Obama Bows Again, This Time To the Mayor of Tampa

Real Photo

via weaselzippers

After all the criticism he took for bowing to the emperor of Japan, you'd think he'd guard himself against ever bowing to anybody again in public..Nope.. The AP photo can be found here at Florida

**UPDATE**New video here at hotairpundit

David Axelrod on MTP: "American People Aren't Saying Lets Walk Away From Health Insurance Reform"

Doesn't sound like health care is dead to the Administration

Pole vault it in...
GREGORY: Is the reality now that it has to wait?

AXELROD: No, I don't think so.

GREGORY: "I want to get to that in just a minute. Mary Landrieu, conservative Democrat from Louisiana, said it's on life support, health care. Is it on life support?"

AXELROD: "Well, I, I hope for the, for the sake of the American people and the tens of millions of people out there who are, who are disadvantaged in their relationship with their insurance companies today or who have no insurance, I hope that's not the case. Again, this is a situation where we ought to put the economic interests of everyday Americans ahead of the politics of the moment. And that's what the president's saying. These are extraordinary times. Middle-class families and people who want to be middle class are struggling all over this country. Let's, let's, let's provide some help...The president is determined that we deal with the problems in front of us, and health care is one of those problems."

Robert Gibbs on CNN: "KSM Will Be Executed For The Crimes He Committed"

"He's likely to be executed for the heinous crimes he committed,"

Gibbs: "Let me tell you what plan A is for Kalid Shiekh Mohammad is gonna meet justice, he's gonna meet his maker, he will be brought to justice and he is likely to be executed for the heinous crimes he committed...I think again KSM will be executed for the crimes he committed"
BTW, I'm not a lawyer, but can an Administration official say this before there's a trial? Remember, he's being tried criminally...

Frank Luntz Talks About Being Called Out By the President

Luntz: Obama was interested in his dial scores and focus groups

Luntz: "What was interesting is that he said, look I didn't mean anything by it, he was trying to be nice about it in the end and that he didn't mean to trip me up...I'll tell something for Fox viewers that will be a surprise, everything I do here is open, that is I provide the dial scores and the focus groups to anyone who wants to see them, he[Obama] inquired about them, he wanted to know how he did, John McCain never did, Obama wanted to know how the public was reacting to what he was saying"

SNL: Scott Brown Walking In On Harry Reid's Democratic Meeting

Palin Bashing at the Pagent? Miss Alaska Says "No I Can't See Russia From My House"

Why would she even say something like this?...

Later in the show, Miss District of Columbia sings "O'mio Babbino Caro," and alot of people will recognize this song being on the Rush Limbaugh program a while back as a parody, did she choose this song for Rush? Is she a dittohead? You'll recognize it as soon as you hear it if you're a Rush Limbaugh fan...

Rush Limbaugh at the Miss America Pagent Introduced By Foxnews Gretchen Carlson

The left is probably going crazy tonight

Obama at Basketball Game Today: Clark Kellogg "The Best Colored Man in College Basketball" **Update**

Obama at the Duke-Georgetown game...Listen closely at 1:33, **Update** Some people commenting are saying he's calling Clark a "Color Man"...Listen again

AP-There was a familiar face at the Duke-Georgetown basketball game -- President Barack Obama's. He attended the game as a fan, but also provided some hoops commentary early in the second half of Saturday's matchup of two top 10 teams in D.C.

From 1979–82, Clark Kellogg played for Ohio State University, where he earned All-Big Ten Conference and Most Valuable Player honors In 1982, Kellogg was the 1st round draft pick of the Indiana Pacers. In his first season he was selected for the NBA All-Rookie Team. He played three full seasons, and portions of two others, for the Pacers before chronic knee problems forced him to retire.

Anyway...Karl Rove on Foxnews Blasts Obama Adm. For Trying 9/11 Mastermind in Criminal Court

Says Bush Adm. trying Richard Reid in criminal court was a disaster...

Rove: "Fundamentally it is wrong, these are enemy combatants, why are we treating them like they're common criminals, it just makes my teeth stand on edge, when I read in the paper or hear commentators, or journalists, say the 'alleged' mastermind of the 9/11 attack, would we say Adolf Hitler is the alleged architect of the invasion of France, no we wouldn't, we'd treat him like an enemy combantant"

Real Funny

Oh, you are so damn funny, I found, clipped and uploaded this video at midnight last night, waits patiently for anyone else to upload it. Realclearpolitics again uploads the same video after they saw it here this morning, and presto, instantly links to them, kinda up there with the John Zobgy video I made on election day....

Last night I uploaded this

This morning, oh my god what another great catch by realclearpolitics, RCP has 30k hits of traffic coming their way, I have zero ...

Funny stuff, man I am really laughing here at you jackasses, 'you know much I regret the name of this blog? You do this deliberately, have you ever done this to Townhall's Greg Hengler? Breitbart? Oh here's one, Jammie Wearing Fool, they put up a photo with a story that's completely untrue, travels all around the world and OMG what a great catch, you make it photo of the day.....

If I ever walk away it will be because of this right here...

GOP Lawmakers To Try To Block Federal Funds For 9/11 Prosecutions

Republican lawmakers to introduce legislation to prohibit funding for any Justice Dept. prosecution in civilian courts of a person being tried in connection with the 9/11 attacks.
Amid fears that the White House may move the terrorist trials connected with September 11, 2001, to the Washington, D.C., region, GOP lawmakers are planning to introduce legislation that would bar the use federal funds for their prosecution in any U.S. civilian court.

The move comes as the White House, met with growing opposition, has reportedly begun considering alternative locations to the originally planned federal district court in downtown Manhattan to try the professed 9/11 “mastermind” Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four co-defendants.

The legislation expected to be introduced early next week is sponsored by Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.), whose district borders Washington, D.C., and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), and would prohibit funding for any Justice Department prosecution in civilian courts of a person being tried in connection with the 9/11 attacks.
This from the washingtonpost
Obama seeks a $200 million fund to help pay for security costs in cities hosting the trials of accused terrorists.

It will be so nice when this man is voted out of office...

$300k Wind Turbines Won't Work in Cold Weather

Minnesota buys 12 wind turbines at $300k a piece that won't spin in cold climate, 80 foot turbine is standing still...

via hotair

"The city hopes to have this turbine running in the next few months"

President Bush 41 and Son Jeb Visit the White House

This morning at the White House

You'll notice Obama does not greet the former President at the door

Dallas Morning News
"Mysterious Bush-Bush-Obama meeting at the Oval Office this morning"
President Barack Obama hosted a pair of Bushes this morning in the Oval Office: former President George H.W. Bush and his son, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. Two weeks ago, Jeb's brother, former President George W. Bush, was at the White House talking about Haiti relief with Obama and ex-President Bill Clinton.

The White House described it as a social call, but feel free to speculate. Jeb Bush's presence was unexpected -- the White House hadn't said anything about him being invited. It's all very... bipartisan.

The Bushes were at the White House for just over a half-hour, emerging in a driving snow that over the next few hours will blanket the capital with several inches of fluff. "Good meeting, good meeting," the elder Bush, 85 and walking with a cane, said in response to a question called out by a reporter.
Bush and Jeb exit after meeting inside the White House, the WaPo reports that former President Bush was in Washington for a dinner and it was simply a social call..

There's a whole lot of people including myself that think the Bush family is just a little too gracious to Obama, remember how many times President Obama during the State of the Union was blasting Bush [43] and the last 8 years, talking again about what he inherited when he walked into the WH. It's unprecedented, especially for a SOTU, I think the Bush's should sometimes treat Obama the way he treats them..

Obama Weekly Address: "It Is Critical To Rein in Budget Deficits"

Hey 'bout pay as you go? This is a bigger hoax than balloon boy...

Imagine what kind of nerve a person must have to give this address...
Obama: I’ve called for a bi-partisan Fiscal Commission – a panel of Democrats and Republicans who would sit down and hammer out concrete deficit-reduction proposals by a certain deadline. Because we’ve heard plenty of talk and a lot of yelling on TV about deficits, and it’s now time to come together and make the painful choices we need to eliminate those deficits.

He's gonna go after that budget deficit...Here's deficit projections until 2016

Barack Obama really is the Richard Henne of politics...

Did Obama Use Middle Finger Again During Meeting With House Republicans?

Obama at the meeting Friday afternoon with House Republicans..

There's one common theme everytime Obama does this, it's always when he's talking about political opponents..

Hillary Clinton in 2008

Introducing that Mayor that endorsed Hillary in the Primary in PA.

John McCain the day before the election

Chris Matthews on Obama Meeting with GOP: "I Don't Know Anyone Else in the Country That Could Have Done What the President Did Today"

MSNBC going to bat for the White House tonight...

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Almost the whole night was devoted to the video of Obama answering Republican questions, they are all in lock step trying to make this into another political game changer...
Matthews: "I don't know anybody else in the country that could have done what the President did today, in simple ability terms. to be able to do what he did in terms of put up with those questions, which were not really questions, the ability to put up with adversarial remarks, the snarkiness, the ability to think through and out think everyone of your challengers, the ability to command that kind of information"
As I kept rolling the cursor over the picture for the video, this is what the person who put the videos on the website wrote describing the video, equally outrageous...

This from the MSNBC video page
On the Tom Price question to the President:

On Republican Congressman Jeb Hensarling: Calls him a "politician making cheap political points through distortions and untruths"

Krauthammer: Mitt Romney 2012 Endorsement?

On Romney: "Solid, economically savvy, reliable, rooted, experienced, I think he'd be very strong"

Krauthammer: "The best candidate as of today would be Mitt Romney"

That has to be good news for Romney, coming from Krauthammer

Aren't Supreme Court Justices Supposed To Be Neutral?

New photo from AFP

That's Darth Vader Ginsburg with her hands on the face of Barack Obama as he walked into the House Chamber for the State of the Union Address, I wonder if she's got a 'Yes We Can' shirt on underneath that black robe..

This is the same Supreme Court Justice that says foreign law should have influence on American law...

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was also chief counsel for the ACLU

House Republican Leaders Talk About Meeting With The President

Careful John, today was a complete head fake from the President, he doesn't care what you or any Rebublican has to say about policy...

Does anyone think Obama went to meet with Republican leaders to get their input on ideas for legislation? Obama doesn't give a rats what Republicans think, and anyone who watched the meeting, watched Obama's smart aleck facial expressions time and time again to the questions he was being asked...

Here's a snippet of Obama's anger and arrogance from today's meeting from GP

Orrin Hatch on KSM Trial: "Absurd Stupid Approach To Handling one the Biggest Killers This Country Has Ever Known"

Orrin Hatch on Foxnews

Hatch: "They did it because of the left wing liberal ideas that they have that we have got to show that we are better than anybody else...In the process our country is put at risk because of these dumb decisions...It's that liberal mentality in this country that we have to do it differently from everybody else"
From Rassmussen:
Who is winning the war on terror

Afghanistan: In 6 months

Also from Rasmussen: Obama Approval Index at -17

Cafferty on Hillary Challenging Obama in 2012: "I Hope She Does"

CNN Situation Room

"History suggests that it's never a good idea to count a Clinton out, so here's the question, should Hillary Clinton challenge Barack Obama in 2012, I hope she does"

Obama vs. Clinton Assigning Blame To Past Presidents

This shows how much more of a partisan Obama is than Bill Clinton


Remember, Obama was gonna end the way Washington worked and bring a divided country together, he wasn't gonna pit red American against blue American

Judd Gregg Asks MSNBC Host "Where Do You Get Off Saying That?"

What a disgrace MSNBC is, they invite Judd Gregg on, then hit him with DNC talking points, this is from yesterday afternoon...
Gregg: "First off, nobody is saying no money for schools, what an absurd statement to make, what a dishonest statement to make, on it's face you're being fundamentally dishonest when you make that type of statement, I mean do you know how much money we're spending at the Federal Government on education this year?"
While the above interview with Contessa Brewer went bad, it's nothing compared to this video of Contessa Brewer interviewing John Ziegler from Media Malpractice, from last year, Contessa ends up saying at the end, "cut his mic please"

AP Photo of the State of the Union

This certainly isn't true with these leaders...
Maybe it should read in "Government" We Trust...

Senator-Elect Scott Brown on With Jay Leno (Video)

It's strange, both Leno and Brown are from Massachusetts and their fathers know each other.
LENO: "I just talked to him back stage for about two seconds. You told me something amazing. Your dad was a frequent guest in our home. My dad hired your dad, and he was the new young insurance agent. Your dad would come to my house when I was a kid."

BROWN: "That's right. And apparently your folks named your dog 'Bruce' after my dad"

LENO: "That's right. I did have a collie named 'Bruce' after his dad. Well, say 'hi' to your father for me. Give him my best"

BROWN: "I sure will. I will, Jay. Thank you"

Florida Governor Crist Greets Obama at Airport, Slips Him an Envelope

Rubio could just use this video as-is for a campaign commercial. The video plays automatically, you may have to click refresh (This is in Tampa Thursday)

'Looks like old buddies that haven't seen each other in a while... Takes Part In Focus Group Dial Test of Obama SOTU

Here's what the fringe left dialed up and dialed down on...

Nuclear power and off shore drilling took a nose dive from the left, they have nothing to worry about, that was as big a lie as anything else in Obama's speech. Spending freeze was next,(they don't want to stop spending money) and finally increasing troops got a dial down, no surprise there...
Last night over 10,000 MoveOn members participated in our first real-time dial test of the President's State of the Union Speech. Above is a chart showing their reactions to President Obama's speech, with the points of strongest approval and disapproval highlighted

48 Million Watch State of the Union + Cable News Ratings

Obama primetime speeches total audience
48 million viewers tuned in to President Barack Obama's State of the Union address last evening across the broadcast and cable networks, according to Nielsen.

While that is a decrease of roughly 5 and a half million viewers from the address he delivered to a joint session of Congress last February
, it's the most viewers the president has drawn for any primetime address since that time.

Here's a chart, based on info from Nielsen, comparing the audiences for Obama's primetime addresses and news conferences since taking office:
Cable News Ratings for the State of the Union and post speech coverage, Foxnews post analysis nearly tripled MSNBC

White House Orders Justice Dept. To Look For Other Places to hold 9/11 Terror Trial

Pressure from Bloomberg?
White House officials have told the Justice Department to consider other venues for the 9/11 terror trial that was to be held in lower Manhattan, the Daily News has learned.

The decision came after Mayor Bloomberg and other politicians across the state railed against President Obama's plan to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in Manhattan Federal Court.

Attorney General Eric Holder now has to think of other places where the trial could take place, officials said.

It was not immediately clear if the reassessment means the trial will definitely be moved out of the city.
John Boehner and Republicans have remained strong in their opposition, Here's a headline from yesterday

How Many Lies Can Obama Tell In 1 Minute and 20 Seconds?

Obama in Tampa, a complete and total fraud, you'll see inside of 10 seconds

Obama's first year deficit at $1.4 trillion dollars and he's telling us about honest accounting and pay as you go

There's really no difference between Barack Obama and the Shamwow guy...

Andrew Breitbart and David Shuster Get Heated on MSNBC

Breitbart tears into Shuster, are you retracting "Watergate Jr."

Listen to the very end of the video, Shuster introduces Media Matters (who is up next), listen how he describes the smear site

Breitbart is exactly right about MSNBC's calling it Watergate, Matthews 2 days ago, watch how the word "Watergate" is tossed around

Complete video of Breitbart vs. Shuster with the first 30 seconds

David Shuster is such an objective reporter:

"He's the Best Conservationist in America Because He Keeps Recycling His Campaign Promises"

Frank Luntz focus group after the speech, woman at 2:03

"Talk is cheap and I'm tired of all his promises"

John Boehner this morning had some reaction to the State of the Union: "There was nothing last night in the President's speech to indicate that there was any willingness to work together"

No pivot, no triangulation, no move to the center, Obama is not a liberal, he's a radical..

BTW, I remember before Obama took office, alot of people, some on our side said Obama would probably govern as a moderate, the fact that he kept Robert Gates on as Secretary of Defense and that he tapped Republican Judd Gregg for Commerce and even that he asked Pastor Rick Warren to give the prayer at his inauguration, what an absolute head fake that was....I didn't buy it then...No one should ever buy it now...

Mark Halperin on Obama Speech: "I'm Baffled By It"

Halperin montage...

Obama says nothing better than any other politicial...
Halperin: "I'm baffled by it..I could make a list before the speech of 20 problems this troubled President has, I didn't hear anything tonight or in the framing of the speech before or after by Valerie Jarrett or anyone else that gives me any idea...what was supposed to happen to solve those 20 problems"

Biden Calls Republicans Obstructionists For Requiring 60 Votes

I think the Senate rules require 60 votes to cut off debate, not Republicans...Biden on the Today show

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Nice softball question from Viera: "What risk do the Republicans run by continuing to say no, by being the party of no?"

Keep America Safe Ad Hits Obama For Going Soft on Terror

The state of his rhetoric is strong, his policies are dangerous

more at

Rasmussen: 9% Expect Obama’s Spending Freeze To Have Big Impact on Deficit

2* President Obama is proposing a three-year freeze in discretionary government spending in nearly all areas except defense, national security, veterans affairs and entitlement programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Do you favor or oppose the President’s proposal for a spending freeze on discretionary spending?

3* If it is implemented, will the President’s proposal reduce the deficit a lot, a little, or will it have no impact?

42% No impact

4* Should the federal government increase spending, freeze spending or cut spending?

57% Cut Spending

Chris Van Hollen: Yes Pelosi Has The 218 Votes in the House To Pass The Senate Bill

John Harwood on CNBC interviews Chris Van Hollen after the SOTU and asks him about the House passing the Senate version then fixing the bill through reconciliation...

I recorded a few channels after the SOTU and this was on after I reviewed the video...
Harwood: "One last question, House Speaker Pelosi told me today that if the Senate and the House can agree on some fixes to the Senate Health Care bill through reconciliation that she can get 218 house Democrats to pass the Senate bill, is she right?"
Van Hollen: "Yes, Senate Democrats, House Democrats...In any event, we need to finish Health Care Reform"
Remember this is the Chair of the DCCC, This confirms that Dick Morris was right when he talked yesterday about the Democrats secret plan to pass health care through reconciliation, but it's not so secret anymore, they are gonna try to ram this through...

What Did Senator Obama Say About Bush's Final State of the Union?

Exactly 2 years ago, Jan 28, 2008 the same bitter partisan Democrat we saw tonight, shared his thoughts about Bush, and blamed him from start to finish

The is the man that was gonna bring a divided country together...
Obama: "Tonight for the 7th long year, the American people heard a State of the Union that didn't reflect the America we see and didn't address the challenges we face...Tonight's State of the Union was full of the same empty rhetoric the American people have come to expect from this President...Tonight was President Bush's final State of the Union and I don't think that history will judge him kindly"

Chris Matthews on Obama: "He's an African American Guy in Front of a Bunch of Other White People"

What in the world is he talking about here?

Matthews: "I forgot he was black tonight"...By far the dumbest thing I heard tonight

This moron is 2 for 2 on saying stupid things, in December he said Obama was going to the "enemy camp" when speaking to the cadets at Westpoint (Dec. 1st)

Justice Samuel Alito Seen Shaking His Head as Obama Slams Supreme Court Decision

Watch closely, you'll see Justice Alito shake his head "no" and say "not true"

Watch CBS News Videos Online
This is the way you behave if you're Barack Obama and you don't get your way with the Court decision, coming from a man who raised $600 million during the campaign.

Frame :11..Squinting eyes in reaction to Obama

Krauthammer: Obama Channeled "I Feel Your Pain"

Krauthammer reaction on Obama speech

"In terms of substance, he didn't do a pivot...

Obama Campaign Speech State of the Union, Not Backing Off of Health Care: "Don't Walk Away From Reform"

Obamacare is still alive...He doesn't get it

Amazing, people thought this man was pivot, listen to the American people and move to the center...We got a partisan, angry, blame Bush speech that was no different than any other..

Krauthammer on Obama SOTU: "He Can Do a Genuine Pivot and Move to the Center or He Can Fake It"

Krauthammer: "He's a man who believes he can still do the magic..With a silver tongue he can talk ayatollahs into giving up nukes"

Krauthammer thinks he will fake it...
Krauthammer: "The president has a choice, he can do a genuine pivot to the center the way that Bill Clinton did when he suffered a defeat in his first term or he can fake it, I guess he will attempt the second that is for two reasons, the first is he is not a hostage of the party's left, he is a man of the left...This is a man who I think that can fake a pivot and at will at least attempt it and see if it works and we saw a hint of that when they announced a freeze yesterday, which in an of itself a phony and a fraud"

Chris Matthews: "Lets Hope Scott Brown Joins the Lets Make a Deal Party"

I don't think so Chris...

Hey Chris, Scott Brown campaigned on 'just say no' to health care and was signing his name Scott Brown 41, and also campaigned against giving Miranda rights to terrorists. Axelrod says that the American people said in that vote in Massachusetts that are tired of gridlock and want people to work together in Washington...Oh really Dave?

This is what the American people are tired of Chris...

Massachusetts Democrat Unloads on Turbo Tax Tim Geithner at Hearing

Any coincidence that this Democratic Congressman is from Massachusetts and represents the Boston area? Just a thought...

Rep. Stephen Lynch blasts Tim Geithner during a session of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee

Here's something interesting, at Intrade, the prediction market for "Will Tim Geither Depart as Secretary of the Treasury" jumped 30 points today

Opened today at 10, now it's 40

Dick Morris: "I Think They Have a Plan To Pass This, In Fact I Know They Do"

Dick Morris on Foxnews
Morris: "I think they have a plan to pass this, in fact I know they do. What they're planning to do is go to the House and say look, we don't have 60 votes in the Senate, so please pass the Senate bill as is, and once you do that it can go directly to the White House and become law, and we promise that we in the Senate will use reconciliation requiring only 51 votes to fix the bill to incorporate what you in the House want incorporated"
Pelosi Jan 19th: "We will have a health care reform bill and it will be soon"

From "Highly informed sources on Capitol Hill have revealed to me details of the Democratic plan to sneak Obamacare through Congress"

Reminder To President Obama, Bill Clinton Remained Defiant On Health Care Reform

Clinton 1994: "You will force me to take this pen"

Clinton 1994 State of the Union
"If you send me legislation that doesn't guarantee every American private heath insurance that can never be taken away, you will force me to take this pen, veto the legislation and we'll come right back here and start all over again"

Later that year, Clinton lost 54 House seats and 8 Senate seats in the mid-term elections

John Boehner: "Mr. President, That Buzzsaw Was the American People Saying Stop"

Soon to be Speaker of the House: "The President has got alot to prove tonight"

Boehner: "As you saw in Massachusetts, it wasn't just health care, it was the increases in taxes, it was the cap and trade bill and the fact that the President continues to insist on bringing terrorists into the United States and providing them rights, the President has got alot to prove tonight"

New CNN Poll Has 58% Opposed to Obamacare

19. As you may know, the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives recently passed bills that would make major changes in the country's health care system. Based on what you have read or heard about those bills, do you generally favor them or generally oppose them?

Hannity Obtains a Copy of White House Talking Points

Rove: "He's [Obama] gonna be saying things that the American people think are untrue"

Rove: "Also, they think we're stupid because this excludes the $787 billion stimulus, that's not subject to the freeze, there's $512 billion dollars of unspent money, hey, if the economy is already back on its feet don't spend that $512 billion dollars"
Excellent point, how many times has Obama told us that the actions he has taken has pulled the economy back from the brink?

Deficit forecasts until 2016 (in billions)

$787 Billion Economic Stimulus Climbs To $862 Billion

A jump of $75 billion because the government is paying out more than expected in unemployment benefits

The bill that was passed to create jobs has a higher price tag because more than expected is being spent on the unemployed...Huh? Is that not a contradiction?

The economic stimulus bill's price tag has risen to $862 billion, the Congressional Budget Office said Tuesday — a $75 billion jump that's a result in part to the fact that, despite the spending, joblessness has risen and the government is paying out more than expected on unemployment benefits.

The CBO, in a new report, also said spending in fiscal 2010 will push the deficit to more than $1.3 trillion, or nearly the record $1.4 trillion deficit recorded in 2009

The dire warnings fueled spending hysteria, which hit Washington in full force this week after Democrats' health care overhaul got shelved last week. President Obama plans to call for a freeze on non-security spending in Wednesday's State of the Union address — but advisers said it wouldn't take effect until 2011.

"In 2010, we are focused on making sure we can get people back to work. In 2011, when we believe the economy will be back on stronger footing, we're going to be looking to make sure the footing we are putting them on is a more sustainable discretionary footing," said White House deputy budget director Rob Nabors.

Shovel ready jobs...

Charles Krauthammer Explains The Hoax of the Spending Freeze

A spending freeze actually locks in a high level of spending that was ratcheted up last year, Krauthammer hits the nail on the head here...

Barack Obama is actually pulling a David Copperfield with this spending freeze

Krauthammer: "What he doesn't tell you is that last year, their first year in office when they had a free ride in spending, they ratcheted up the spending for all of these departments astronomically an average of the last half of fiscal '09 and all of fiscal '10 an average about 20%, now that's huge 'cause normally year over year you increase a department's spending 3% or 4% especially with low inflation.

So for example, last year alone, they increased the EPA budget by 35%, so if you're instituting a freeze, what you're doing, you're ratcheting in, you're locking in the higher spending that Obama slid in last year...So what the freeze is doing essentially is the opposite of what it looks like, instead of reducing the spending, it's locking in these huge increases that were instituted last year"

CBS's Chip Reid Looks at the Numbers of a Proposed Spending Freeze

Chip Reid report:

The U.S. government is on track to spend trillions of dollars, but still carries a hefty balance from last year. As Chip Reid reports, President Obama has a plan to freeze budgets of domestic programs.

Obama proposed 3 year spending freeze savings of $250 billion over 10 years, but the National Debt will rise $9 Trillion over those same 10 years, a savings of 3%

Tonight's US Debt Clock:

Chris Matthews Compares Filmmaker Arrest To Watergate

"Watergate" montage from Hardball

Notice the laughing in one of the clips from Matthews
Matthews: "First of all, the President was gonna face his Waterloo, now the Republicans are back to Watergate...This is gonna get around, which is these conservative activists who were the coolest guys on the block a few weeks ago because of pretending to be a pimp and a prostitute, have now been caught as good old fashion Watergate burglars"

Lee Hamilton: Obama Doesn’t Have "Firm Grasp Yet of the Intelligence Community"

The discussion was the flight 253 bombing attempt


Hamilton: "My impression is the intelligence community is new, relatively new to the President, I think he began to receive intelligence somewhere along the campaign...He's done some good appointments I think, but I do not think he has a firm grasp yet of the intelligence community and therefore I'm pretty strong in my thought that he has to step in here"
The bad news for Obama is that this criticism is coming from another Democrat, the good news for Obama is that it's coming from Lee Hamilton, this supposed brilliant elder statesman that was co-chair of the Iraq Study Group that said "the situation in Iraq is grave and deteriorating" in 2006, and that the then Bush Adm. should shift from combat in Iraq to training and didn't mention the word victory. Luckily Bush ignored the Iraq Surrender Group and proposed the troop surge of January 10, 2007 in an effort to stop the violence, the surge was successful, and Iraq today, for the most part was a victory.

Joy Behar and Guests Try To Figure Out Why Left Wing Talk Radio Doesn't Work

"That's what brings conservatives to the polls is rage and fear, oh here come the queers and they're so scary"

Behar: "When you think of talk radio, you think of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and their angry minions"

Joe Klein: "Liberals like to read more than they like to listen to people screaming at them"

Savage: "That's what brings conservatives to the polls is rage and fear, oh here come the queers and they're so scary, and oh here comes Obama and he wants to make sure you kids have health care, is that scary, that doesn't appeal to liberals...People [don't] want to be yelled at"

Karl Rove Responds To Obama Statement About Being a Good One Term President

Rove isn't buying it...

BTW, I was thinking, after Obama talked about being a one term President yesterday on ABC with Diane Sawyer, I wonder what Hillary Clinton thought of that? I'd just love to see her reaction. Remember, she wanted to be President so bad, she was real close to taking her fight all the way to the DNC convention to seat the delegates in Florida and Michigan in 2008, I personally think 2012 is on her mind if Obama gets wiped out in the mid-term elections this year...
Rove: Did you notice how many I's and me's there were, this is all about President Obama...This is one of the most political White Houses in history, they have a meeting every Wednesday night to go over the latest polls and focus groups where they bring in all the pollsters and all the politicos from the Democratic National Committee"

Lieberman Could See Himself Running "As a Good Old-Fashioned New England Moderate Republican"

Joe Lieberman on Face the State program in Connecticut

LIEBERMAN: "I like being an Independent, so if you ask me, i'd say that's the most likely of the choices"

HOST: "Could you see yourself being a Republican?"

LIEBERMAN: "It’s possible...No, it’s possible. A good old-fashioned New England moderate Republican."

FNC Finishes Week at #1 in All of Prime Time Cable

This is not cable news, this is all of cable (Prime Time)

FNC drew an average of 3.2 million total viewers in primetime (Mon-Sun)
Fox News was the top cable network in primetime last week, averaging the most total viewers between January 18th-24th. The last time FNC topped USA and came in first was during the week of the 2008 presidential election.

In a week dominated by coverage of the earthquake in Haiti and the U.S. Senate election in Massachusetts, FNC drew an average of 3.2 million total viewers in primetime (Mon-Sun). Fox was ranked 3rd in total day. CNN was 22nd in primetime and 19th in total day, and MSNBC was 25th in primetime and 31st in total day.
Way down on the list, CNN #22, MSNBC #25