Charlie Rangel on Hardball: "The Best Republican is Going to Be Which One is Following the Teabaggers" (Video)

Actually Charlie calls them the "teabaggers" twice in under one minute. Real nice there Chuck...

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RANGEL: "They're not going to win with that and will give us an opportunity once again to explain the benefits of it and I think we have so many moderate Republicans that are scared to death of the tea party pushing them right over the cliff.

You know, in every movement, I don't care if it's black or Irish, there's always somebody who says I am more for the program than this guy and the teabagers set the standards as to what you're going to fund and not fund, what taxes you're going to have and not have and so the best republican is going to be which one is following the teabaggers and that's going to be a rough road to do.