Obama Makes Return Visit to Sacred Buddha Statue (Video)

Obama in Japan returning to this Buddha statue that he visited when he was 6
KAMAKURA, Japan (AP) — President Barack Obama made a return visit to the Great Buddha statue in Japan, noting “I was only 6” the last time he visited the sacred site.

Obama’s visit to the site of the 44-foot-high bronze statue, nestled among the hills and trees at Kamakura, Japan, was the last stop on his 10-day Asian tour that began in India and included Indonesia and South Korea as well as Japan

The president noted “the first time I was here I was this big,” putting his left hand up to his waist. He walked with two hosts closer to the imposing statue, craning his head upward to view the statue of Amida Buddha. It weighs 93 tons and was constructed in 1252. The Great Buddha is seated in the lotus position with hands forming the gesture of meditation
n/t Scott Baker