Nancy Pelosi's Favorability Drops to a New Low in Gallup Poll

Down 13 points from January 2009 and down 7 points from the summer
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's favorability rating has reached a new low in Gallup polling, an ominous sign for House Democrats who can't help but be associated with the California Democrat two weeks ahead of the midterm elections.

According to Gallup, Pelosi's favorability stands at just 29 percent – down 7 points from early summer and down 13 points from January, 2009 when President Obama was inaugurated.

Pelosi's unfavorable rating has soared meanwhile, reaching 56 percent in the new poll – up 15 points from January, 2009.

In even worse news for Pelosi and her party, independents have particularly grown unsatisfied with the House Speaker: her favorability with this group stands at 21 percent while close to 60 percent hold a negative view.
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