Billy Graham Makes His First Public Appearance in Years While Attending the Re-Opening of His Library
Hundreds gathered in Charlotte Tuesday evening for the rededication of the Billy Graham Library. Some of the changes made were in his wife's room.

Franklin Graham said the Rev. Billy Graham spent a lot of time in that room today. "We made some changes to her room he was fascinated by those changes," Franklin Graham said.

Ruth Graham's wedding gown is now on display. You'll also find some of her letters and artifacts from her upbringing in China. In the front of the library, Billy Graham's personal desk, his favorite chair, and more than 12,000 of his personal books just went on display.

Franklin Graham said he wanted something more at the end of the tour instead of just a blank wall. "For the last three years, it's bothered me. I've always said we can do something to that wall."

The Rev. Billy Graham also spent a lot of time with his wife during the rededication. Ruth Graham was buried only steps away from the library. Graham himself will be buried beside her.Graham said he is happy with the progress of the library.

He said, "This library, which has been largely the vision and the work of Franklin, has gone far beyond our expectations. It was decided to renovate it and make it a different type of library that would totally and completely honor the Lord Jesus Christ, and that people could find Christ almost every place here. And I'm grateful to those that have worked and prayed, and I believe that God is going to use it in the future."