CNN: Investigators Unable To Recreate Runaway Prius

First a YouTube video that debunks the story in 1:16
"I'm gonna hit "Park" on my car, automatically, even holding down the gas, the car shifted into Neutral, pressing the gas does absolutely nothing"

"When you shift into neutral, it kills the gas pedal completely, and you can have it stuck in the down position and absolutely nothing happens as soon as you hit the Parking button or shift into Neutral" (Notice, this guy's car did not "flip" when hitting the button)

CNN:Investigators unable to recreate Prius story after 2 hours
"It's feasibly not possible both electronically and mechanically that the gas pedal was stuck and that Mr. Sikes was slamming on the brake pedal at the same time and not have the car slow down"

Mr. Sikes didn't know that the Toyota Prius has a safety feature, when you press both the brake pedal and gas pedal to the floor, the engine shuts off...