Jeremiah Wright on Name Calling Over Health Care: "It All Part of the Hatred In The Country For People of Color and For The Poor"

Wright tells reporters, he "hasn't been apart of any controversy," then blames Foxnews... 3)
JACKSON, MS - Reverend Jeremiah Wright commented Thursday on the controversy surrounding his fiery sermons brought up during President Barack Obama's campaign for the White House and the angry opposition to the historic new healthcare law.

The retired pastor of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ, signed copies of his book, Sankofa Moment, before speaking at the Jackson State University student center ballroom.

Asked if he regretted any of his controversial sermons Wright said, "I haven't been apart of any controversy, number one. Fox News bought 4-thousand dollars worth of tapes 20-years to go back to see what Obama had been listening to. Those sermons that they aired and news clips that the nation saw were 5-years old and 7-years-old, so that was not part of the presidential campaign. The media made the controversy; not Jeremiah Wright."

And on the name calling and anger over the health care law, Wright said, "'s all part of that kind of hatred that runs in the country for people of color and for the poor.

In fact, the whole compromise; it took the public option off the table in terms of the health care bill shows you the power of the rich and the wealthy in this country to continue to ignore the poor." Wright's appearance is part of the 5th Annual Conference of the Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement.
Here's the entire video, at :55 he is asked about John Lewis, he talks about the hatred in the country: "Most of the people, the tea party people, the Obamacare bill have never read the health care, have no clue what's in it, they only know what media...Fox, O'Reilly have said about the bill" (click the arrow)

5:28 he's asked about the controversial sermons
8:18 he's asked if he wants to repudiate what he said...
10:02 he talks about the levees in New Orleans being rebuilt to the same width, concluding that the government doesn't care about people of color....

A person with Jeremiah Wright tries to end the interview....