Another Video of John Lewis Walking Through Protesters

Again, no audio of any racial slurs. The video also shows Rep. Jesse Jackson with 2 cameras recording the entire walk from across the street. Keep your eye on Jackson..

A few questions need to be asked,
1. Why was Jackson recording the walk? He happened to be behind Lewis, was he expecting something?
2 Why would Jackson turn the camera multiple times right into the protesters faces?
3. Why has Jackson not been asked to turn over the videos? The alleged racial slurs (15 of them) would have to be caught on tape
4 Why hasn't Congressman John Lewis been asked exactly where the incidents took place during his walk, so that the person who made slurs can be pointed out, being that there are at least 5 videos, surely Lewis would remember.

The man who shot the video is about 5 steps up from the guy who was yelling (alleged spitting) at Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (This screen shot was taken from another video shows exactly where the guy was at on the steps)

Here's another view of the steps, the arrow is where the video is taken