Colin Powell Responds "None Whatsoever" When Asked If He Has Any Regrets About Endorsing Obama

Colin Powell on Face the Nation

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Schieffer: "That's what you said, now Barack Obama who came to Washington, promised to change things, not much has changed, Congress is in a total mess now, in total gridlock, his critics are having a field day. Any regrets about endorsing Barack Obama?"

Powell: "None whatsoever, I think it was the right choice when the nation voted for him"
If you notice from the above clip, Colin Powell made his endorsment of Obama on October 19, 2008

Lets take a look at the polls on the day he endorsed Obama, this is from abc/wapo poll before the election, Obama just happened to be ahead in the polls by 10 points...

Lets just say Colin Powell likes to take a good look at the horse in the lead coming down the stretch before he goes and places a bet...

There is not one single solitary Conservative or Republican that should listen to a syllable of what this man has to say, when he is giving us advice while wearing the other team's jersey...